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Chris Rea

On The Beach 2CD Deluxe Edition

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Release Date: 18/10/2019

Discs: 2

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On The Beach (2CD Deluxe Edition) comes with the original album fully remastered alongside a second disc of live performances, b-sides and previously unreleased versions of tracks from the accompanying album. There are also extensive new sleeve notes containing exclusive new interviews with Chris Rea unique to this release and telling the story behind the album.

With a career spanning over 40 years and over 30 million album sales, Chris Rea’s distinctive husky-gravel vocal and incredible body of work has seen him become one of the most loved solo artists the UK have ever produced. A formidable songwriter, and still playing live to this day, he has released an incredible 24 studio albums, the most recent being ‘Road Songs for Lovers’ in 2017 which was met with huge critical and commercial acclaim.

In April 1986 ‘On the Beach’ was released and broke into the UK Top 20 at number 11. The album started building Rea’s international reputation with top 10 chart positions across Europe. This album went on to Platinum sales status in the UK. The album title track was the only single taken from this album.

CD 1 - Original album

1. On The Beach (2019 Remaster)
2. Little Blonde Plaits (2019 Remaster)
3. Giverny (2019 Remaster)
4. Lucky Day (2019 Remaster)
5. Just Passing Through (2019 Remaster)
6. It's All Gone (2019 Remaster)
7. Hello Friend (2019 Remaster)
8. Two Roads (2019 Remaster)
9. Light Of Hope (2019 Remaster)
10. Auf Immer Und Ewig (2019 Remaster)

CD 2 - On The Beach Additional Recordings

1. Look Out For Me (2019 Remaster)
2. Let's Dance (2019 Remaster)
3. Hello Friend (Re-record) [2019 Remaster]
4. On The Beach (Special Remix) [2019 Remaster]
5. If Anybody Asks You (2019 Remaster)
6. Freeway (2019 Remaster)
7. Bless Them All (2019 Remaster)
8. Crack That Mould (2019 Remaster)
9. On the Beach (Special Extended Remix) [2019 Remaster]
10. It's All Gone (Live at Montreux, 1986) [2019 Remaster]
11. Steel River (Live at Montreux) [2019 Remaster]
12. It's All Gone (From “New Light Through Old Windows”) [2019 Remaster]
13. Driving Home For Christmas (2019 Remaster)